Say Hello to Dan Berberich

We stopped in to see one of our newest tenants, Dan Berberich the other day.

Dan’s primary medium has traditionally been drawing, but he’s been getting back into painting, now that he’s made his studio at the Pajama Factory.

Dan will be leading a figure drawing workshop this month, November 18 – December 9, 2014:

Figure Drawing sessions start on Tuesday November 18th, from 6–8pm, and run every Tuesday at the same time until December 9th. (Another 4-week series will start mid-January). Live models: male, female, costumed/clothed, and nude. All artists welcome, 18 and older.

$40 for all four sessions (payment due November 7th) or $12 at the door. BYODS—bring your own drawing supplies. All sessions will take place in Studio 15, on the 2nd floor of the Pajama Factory.

If you have any questions please contact Dan Berberich: or at (484)-388-0935 or just stop by his studio at the Pajama Factory—#46.

More information is here on the Facebook Event page

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Build-a-3d-Printer Workshop? |

Tom and Jamie Mahoney are some of our newer tenants here at the Pajama Factory and they’re certainly involved with a lot of different things!

At the last First Friday, Tom was giving a demonstration of his new 3d printer, a device that lets you design a three dimensional model on a computer, then, with the push of a button, print it out!

The machine sits on his table and converts a spool of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene filament to whatever object he can dream up on his laptop.  While “Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene” may sound ominous and dangerous, it’s a plastic better known as ABS and it’s the very same stuff they make Legoâ„¢ building toys out of.

Tom’s a big believer in what’s called the “Maker” movement, a world-wide movement of people taking “DIY” (Do It Yourself) to new heights.  Wikipedia says it well:

‘Maker culture’ emphasizes learning-through-doing in a social environment. Maker culture emphasizes informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning motivated by fun and self-fulfillment. Maker culture encourages novel applications of technologies, and the exploration of intersections between traditionally separate domains and ways of working including metal-working, calligraphy, film making, and computer programming. Community interaction and knowledge sharing are often mediated through networked technologies, with websites and social media tools forming the basis of knowledge repositories and a central channel for information sharing and exchange of ideas, and focused through social meetings in shared spaces such as hackspaces. Maker culture has attracted the interest of educators concerned about students’ disengagement from STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in formal educational settings. Maker culture is seen as having the potential to contribute to a more participatory approach and create new pathways into topics that will make them more alive and relevant to learners.

Build your own 3d Printer

As one of the basic tenets of the Maker movement is of sharing knowledge and spreading education through discovery, Tom is proposing a 3D Workshop, right here at the Pajama Factory:

We had a great turnout for Septembers First Friday event at the Pajama Factory! There was a ton of interest in 3d printing, and hopefully enough interest generated in the larger Maker movement to help produce some momentum.

There were more than a few questions about the cost of getting into 3d printing. Sharing the price tag of a Makerbot produced one of two reactions: “oh, that’s still way too expensive” or “that’s totally worth it!”. There really weren’t many in between.

For the way-too-expensive crowd, I offered that a good get-your-feet-wet printer can be built from a kit for around $350.

If the $350 option sounds appealing, I would be interested in hosting workshops at the PJ Factory where we build kit printers. I would suggest the Printrbot simple makers kit in wood ($349) or metal ($549). Visit Printrbot’s instruction page to familiarize yourself with the process.

Send me an email at if you’re interested!


via Build-a-3d-Printer Workshop? |

Even if the idea of doing your own 3d printing doesn’t fill your mind with ideas, but your the sort of person who loves tearing things apart to fix them, or just to see what makes them tick, plan on stopping by Tom and Jamie’s studio to see what they’re up to1



Keep August 1 open for what promises to be a powerful exhibition that addresses a very serious topic:

STAY, is a travelogue into, and back out of, a life of depression and self-harm through the photography of Ralph Wilson and Stephanie Carey.

Wilson and Carey spent 15 months talking to people who’s lives have been touched by depression, drug addiction, and suicides to gain knowledge and understanding of the subject. Using conceptual portraits the STAY exhibit explores the causes and consequences of childhood and adolescent depression, it’s manifestations, and paths towards healing. Journal entries and letters giving personal accounts, are mixed throughout the exhibit to give a voice to some who suffer or have lost their battle.

STAY will open on August 1, 2014 at the Center for Creativity gallery in studio 10 at the Pajama Factory with a reception from 6 to 9pm. An introduction to the project will be given by the photographer, Ralph Wilson, at 7pm. The exhibit continues through August 15.

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There’s an excellent new blog in town, one with a heavy emphasis on art and entertainment, which is, of course, something very near and dear to our hearts:

Started by Pajama Factory alumnus Matthew Parrish, it contains some very high quality writing in a format that allows them to dig deeper and find the story behind the story. Case in point is this piece on Tim Miller’s piece at Converge Gallery.

Go read that piece and put the site in your list of daily-read bookmarks. After that, head over to their Facebook page and click “like”.

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It’s time to really get to know your bicycle

Want to get to know your bike better? Then this is for you!

Basic Maintenance Class – $15

Wed. July 16th – 6 to 9 pm at Williamsport Bicycle Recycle in the Pajama Factory.

Are you tired of paying someone else to fix your flat tires and grease your chain? Come down and learn the basic techniques that will keep your bike safe and fun to ride!

This 3-hour course will teach you some basic bicycle maintenance and simple repairs you may need on a bike ride. You will learn how your bicycle works, what actions you can take to prolong the life of your bicycle, and what to check for when your bicycle is not functioning properly.

  • Names of different parts of the bike & how they work
  • Different kinds of bikes & their uses
  • Fixing a flat
  • Diagnosing problems
  • Regular maintenance techniques

To register,

We have room for 8 people. If you have to cancel, let us know by Sun. 7/13 so we can fill the spot from the waiting list. Pay cash or check at class.

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Actias Luna

Take a look at this absolutely gorgeous visitor we had here at the Pajama Factory, sitting outside a third floor window: Mr. Actias Luna, also known as the Luna Moth. They’re considered common, but rarely spotted, because they are usually only around at night and they only live about a week as moths. Wikipedia has a good article on the subject.

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Just came across this excellent video of the Strut Fashion Show that was held here at the Pajama Factory on May 10th. Who else thinks this should become an annual event?

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Congratulations Francos!

Congratulations to Franco’s Lounge, Restaurant & Music Club for being recognized as one of the best restaurants in the state! (Now that the secret’s out, we hope we will still be able to get a table there, as it’s about our favorite place to have dinner…)

Pennsylvania’s 10 best restaurants outside of Philadelphia
By Marielle Mondon

Locals of Williamsport swear by Franco’s as the best restaurant in town, thanks to a homey atmosphere and their seriously good signature garlic bread, and possibly thanks to the fact they observe the beloved Philly tradition of live music on First Friday.

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Todd Rice

Factory denizen Todd Rice is the subject of a new article over on Port Observer, a great looking new site focusing on our area. (Thanks for the tip, Matthew Parrish!)

Todd Rice’s ‘Alien Sanctuary’ at the Pajama Factory

On Facebook, artist Todd Rice often posts pictures of movie monsters — the Creature from the Black Lagoon, for example — encroaching upon scantily clad women frozen in horror or engaged in epic battles (King King verses a giant snake!). He has also shared amusing behind-the-scenes photos of a human dwarfing Godzilla simply by standing next to the surprisingly small, toy-sized creature, and Ultraman hugging his large, lizard-like foe. It’s the type of imagery one would expect and hope for from a guy who grew up spending his Friday and Saturday nights glued to the television watching old horror movies.

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