In the Courtyard

If you can, stop by the Pajama Factory courtyard to take in the simply spectacular Weeping Higan Cherry tree! (Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula’)

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Organic Garden Center Greenhouse

The Organic Garden Center Greenhouse at the Pajama Factory is a celebration of all green and living things—welcome Spring by stopping by and adopting something wonderful today. While you’re there say hi to Sally Rizzo, the master of the greenhouse, her young son Zander and greenhouse helper Courtney.

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Way Cool Beans has a new sign!

Way Cool Beans is the coffee shop in Building Six of the Pajama Factory and here is their new sign! Congrats, Todd—looks great!

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Sunday is World Pinhole Photography Day!

Pinhole photography is perhaps the most basic form of the art of photography, where, with a camera that you build yourself, you capture a small slice of the world. While it’s a simple thing to get started with, it’s an activity you can practice and polish for the rest of your life. Ralph Wilson is not only an expert in the craft, he’s a crusader for the artform.

If you think you might like to give it a try, get in touch with him soon, as this coming Sunday is World Pinhole Photography Day!

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Todd Rice

Stopped in to see what Todd Rice was up to and found him hard at work, painting crucifixes, having gotten inspired by some recent Springtime walks he took through the cemetery that overlooks the Pajama Factory

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Sunday Market – Hillside Haven Rustics

Here’s Steve from Hillside Haven Rustics, taking a breather in one of his handmade cedar Adirondack chairs, available at the Saturday Market at the Pajama Factory.

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Signs of Spring?

What’s this?!? It would seem to be an actual sign of Spring in the courtyard of the Pajama Factory. So what do you think? Are we finally done with the snow and cold?

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