Mark, Suzanne and the Pajama Factory in Mountain Home Magazine

Mountain Home Magazine just published a piece on Mark and Suzanne and the Pajama Factory: Great to see the factory getting attention from such a well-written publication.

Nancy Anne Roller

Pajama Party: Mark and Suzanne Winkelman have turned 300,000 square feet of largely abandoned industrial space in Williamsport into a haven for the arts and crafts.

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Summer’s here.

Summer’s here and with that, of course, Little League Baseball. Living here in the heart and soul of Little League, it’s easy to forget what a huge impact it makes on the lives of the boys and girls all around the world who play. This morning I got a mail forwarded from the The Vineyard Gazette, that had a little piece that sums it up perfectly. I hope you all enjoy it:

Vineyard Gazette

Good morning Gazette readers:

A young boy, just eight years old, stands alone in left field, his blond curls poking out from under his baseball cap. It is his first season in Little League, but he knows what to do. It is the playoffs now and already he is an experienced hand. Back up, his team yells when a power hitter steps up to the plate. But the boy stands still. He knows he is in the right spot.

The ball is hit high and hard, so much so that time seems to stop for a very long time. Long enough for all heads to turn to left field, long enough for parents to stand in the bleachers and younger siblings to stop doing cartwheels on the sidelines. Long enough for the coach to span the entire field, to see his team finally pull together as one and then to feel his heart skip as he sees himself standing out there so long ago on a day just like this one.

And then, as the ball descends, the coach watches as his players begin to age, to go from grammar school to middle school to waving at him from cars that they now drive. His players have become men and he wonders how the time flew as quickly as a ball through the air. Then the ball hits the mitt with a smack and the vision is erased. All that is left is an eight year old boy with a smile as wide as the sky, holding his mitt up high as the cheers of the crowd lift him off his feet.”

Kinda makes one proud to be a Williamsporter… Enjoy your day, everyone.

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