Friday, September 23  •  6pm – 10pm

An Evening of Experimental Sound

Join us for an Evening of Experimental Sound in the Community Room on September 23rd from 6pm–10pm. The event will be composed of 5 PA-based acts, each with a unique approach to the realm of experimental music. Based in Williamsport, the project Clone 334 features synth-driven beats and ambient textures, combining to form an improvisational blend of distorted rhythms and synthesized drones. Moth Bucket, hailing from Penns Valley, PA, is a free-improv electronics and percussion duo. Analog sampling, modular synthesis, and percussive experimentation come together to form a left-field sonic experience. TEG, based in State College, PA, is a guitar-centered soundscape and free improv project. TEG combines sparse, jazz-like guitar work with looping and feedback to form soundscapes that meander from the tonal to the atonal. Chelsea Smarr will be performing manipulated harp-driven ambient music. Finally, Rolling Boil will be performing their inaugural show on the 23rd. This is a 2-piece sound art project from Penns Valley, PA. Rolling Boil approaches the arena of sound art and experimental music from the vantage point of rural life. Translating themes of homesteading, self sufficiency, and the bucolic into the world of sound, Rolling Boil utilizes an array of amplified objects to create their aural textures.