Wednesday, June 7  •  10:30am – 12pm

Community Meeting for Lycoming County Brownfields Coalition

  • Location: Community Room
  • (t) 570.320.2136
  • More Info

Lycoming County’s brownfield program is winding down their work under the current EPA grant.  As part of their final close out of the project, they will be holding a community meeting to showcase the program’s accomplishments, impacts, and other opportunities for brownfield properties.

Meeting topics include:

  • Program Accomplishments
  • Adaptive Reuse of Properties
  • Next Steps

This meeting will be open to the public and held in the ground floor Community Room.  For additional information visit:  www.lyco.org/brownfields or call (570) 320-2136.

What is a Brownfield?

A brownfield is any property that is underutilized for various socioeconomic reasons such as abandonment, obsolescence, tax delinquency, and/or blight, and whose redevelopment is inhibited by the real or perceived presence of hazardous substances and environmental contamination.

With a long tradition of manufacturing, Lycoming County has an array of brownfield sites. Historically, these properties have been viewed by the community as hopeless liabilities and often times, the property owners are hesitant to attempt to sell or otherwise redevelop the sites for fear of potential environmental liabilities. The intent of this project is to work cooperatively with site owners, government, and regulatory agencies to bring these properties back into productive use.