May 9, 6pm–9pm: Reception / Performance ~ May 10, 2pm–6pm: Open / Performance

Du/e Corps/e nella Groundless Ground

One thing becomes another. Bones I found I reassembled. Sound enters the body; we exist or cease to exist depending. Are moved by. A forest is a vastness made inside the space of a few words; a story moves through it. The map is a language we didn’t bother to learn. The map is a language we knew once but have forgotten. Our bodies teach us a world we find indecipherable. How do you read the signs? Wind in the branches, the offal discolored, a bird flown in the wrong direction. When the leaves that tell the future blow away, you are not told again. The message goes with them.

R. Armstrong is an artist and writer based in her home community in rural PA and in New York City. A deep connection to literature and history informs a practice encompassing everything from textual works to architecturally immersive audio-video installations. Materiality is central to the work, which is often occupied with immateriality as a means of transcendence.