Sunday, July 24  •  2pm – 6pm

Lyco Taiko Obon & Fundraiser

Obon is a Japanese Buddhist festival that honors the spirits of one’s ancestors. During this summer event, family members gather together to share food, reunite, and make music! This holiday provides the setting for a fundraiser party organized by Lyco Taiko, the area’s only school of Japanese drumming, and the Williamsport Community Kitchen, a nonprofit commercial-quality kitchen open to members of the Williamsport community. Come and enjoy a diverse selection of musical entertainment from all across the valley, and partake in Asian food from the Williamsport community. All proceeds benefit the Williamsport Community Kitchen and Lyco Taiko.

If you’re interested in becoming a vendor, donating, or learning more about the event, please contact:

Lisa Andrus, Andrus Hospitality
Urie Kline, Lyco Taiko