Saturday. June 13  •  Children’s Workshops 9am–12pm  •  Adult Workshop 6pm–9:30pm

Circle of the Soul

  • Location: Studio 48, 2nd floor
  • (t) 570.971.6126
  • (e) rbower3335@comcast.net

Wassily Kandinsky developed an intricate theory of geometric figures and their psychological relationships, claiming, for example, that “the CIRCLE is the most peaceful shape and represents the human soul”. This workshop will focus on the art of Wassily Kandinsky who is considered to be the founder of Abstract Art. Participants will be encouraged to incorporate basic forms through varying techniques and combined mediums. Each person’s journey will lead the way to “round-out” their own unique “Homage to Kandinsky”. Everyone leaves this workshop with their own unique art.

Children’s Morning Workshops  9am–12pm.  Materials included / $30.00

Evening Adult Workshop  6pm–9:30pm. Materials included / $40.00.