Summer Residency—June & July

Pajama Factory Artist-In-Residency

MISSION: The Pajama Factory Artist-In-Residence (AIR) program provides artists with an expansive, flexible environment in which to work, and a platform for the exchange of creative ideas between participants and the community.

The Pajama Factory Artist-In-Residence (AIR) is a multi-disciplinary, international one or two month summer residency program centered within the revitalized, historic Pajama Factory complex in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. AIR is designed to provide both emerging and established artists and writers a place to grow creatively, as they work freely amongst the larger creative community housed at the Pajama Factory. The length of stay, as determined by the artist, is four or eight weeks during the months of June and July.

The main focus of the AIR program is to encourage and support the creative development of the artists. Selected artists in turn are invited to give back to both the Pajama Factory and Williamsport by taking an active role in our creative community. The residency will culminate in a group exhibition in the Factory Works Gallery at the Pajama Factory. At the end of the residency, each artist is required to donate one piece of artwork to the program’s collection.

There are two way to participate:

  1. Factory Works, a 501(c)(3) housed at the Pajama Factory and partner of the AIR program, is accepting two Studio Residents for concentration in one of each of the following disciplines: darkroom photography, ceramics, and woodworking/sculpture. Studio Residents will share a private studio space within their respective studios (Clay Studio, Woodshop, or Darkroom). There is more information on the Studio Residency here.
  2. All other applicants who are selected as general Artists-in-Residence will have 24/7 access to a large communal studio space. Additionally, artists can take advantage of the Factory Works Studios. Access to these facilities is subject to additional fees, and open studio hours.

All artists-in-residence are provided furnished housing at no charge. Artists are responsible for their food, travel, and miscellaneous expenses and art materials. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee.

Pajama Factory AIR is a partnership of the Pajama Factory, Factory Works, and the Lycoming County Arts Alliance.