Friday, August 1  •  6pm – 9pm

STAY :: Photography Exhibit

  • Location: Center for Creativity Gallery, 2nd floor—Studio 10
  • (t) 570.220.1170
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STAY, is a travelogue into, and back out of, a life of depression and self-harm through the photography of Ralph Wilson and Stephanie Carey.

Wilson and Carey spent 15 months talking to people who’s lives have been touched by depression, drug addiction, and suicides to gain knowledge and understanding of the subject. Using conceptual portraits the STAY exhibit explores the causes and consequences of childhood and adolescent depression, it’s manifestations, and paths towards healing. Journal entries and letters giving personal accounts, are mixed throughout the exhibit to give a voice to some who suffer or have lost their battle.

The goals of the exhibit are to show those who may be dealing with these emotions and struggles, that they are not alone; to show that others are aware of, and understand, the patterns and thoughts that go with depression; and, to show that healing is possible.

The STAY project has been very successful in bringing people together around the subject of suicide, to share their own stories, and open up the dialogue surrounding an issue that effects many people in our community.

Through public displays of this project, Wilson and Carey hope to encourage others to identify and share their feelings and to seek help from friends, family, and professionals and to help remove the feeling of isolation, self-doubt, and pain they may feel. They are addressing topics society has not learned to talk about openly. The words abuse, depression and suicide hold such stigma that many remain silent.

STAY will open on August 1, 2014 at the Center for Creativity gallery in studio 10 at the Pajama Factory with a reception from 6 to 9pm. An introduction to the project will be given by the photographer, Ralph Wilson, at 7pm. The exhibit continues through August 15.