Sunday, April 3  •  3pm – 6pm

“Tattoos and Scars” photography exhibit

  • Location: Library (aka South Lounge); 2nd floor
  • (t) 570.716.0880
  • (e) hartleyme08@mounties.mansfield.edu
  • Event Info on Facebook

Mansfield University junior, and Advanced Photography student, Melanie Hartley, will be holding a Photographic Exhibition entitled Tattoos and Scars. The show will take place on Sunday April 3rd from 3pm–6pm at the Pajama Factory in Williamsport, PA.

Tattoos and Scars came about from noticing that the majority of my friends had tattoos. Each had their own story and placement that I decided I wanted to document them. I also threw scars into the mix because, just like tattoos, they are unique to that person and they can be all over the body. Most of the tattoos were inked because of personal reasons but many also were done just because the individual thought it would be a cool idea. About half the scars were surgical but they still have an exceptional story as to why they had to get the surgery. I wanted to show everyone their personal experience with their tattoos and/or scar(s).