Saturday. June 27  •  8pm

We Have Taken & Eaten

“We Have Taken & Eaten” is a new and homegrown experimental percussion monodrama, composed by Scott Wollschleger, with a text by poet Abby Minor and performed by percussionist Kevin Sims. This opera-in-miniature takes place in a room of instruments and unfolds like a book of songs; sung, intoned, spoken, solo and in duet with percussion, a psaltry, a guitar amplifier, and an amplified light bulb. Within this space we explore our precarious past and trace the lines of an even more precarious future.

The show will be capped off with burlesque curated by C. Amanda Boutahorse, featuring performances by local favorites Ravyn Lunatique,Brodie Lazzo, Corvina Underwood Nottingham Tate, as well as C. Amanda Boutahorse and Noelle Reign from upstate New York.