Every Monday  •  7 – 8pm

Weekly Meditation with Nina Riggle

Join Nina Riggle every Monday at 7pm in the Pajama Factory Community Room for guided mediation.  Cost is $15.

“It is my desire to teach the tools of meditation and share the beauty I have witnessed with others on a path to self awareness and conscious sustainable lifestyle practices. I guide meditation using kriya yoga techniques that were passed down to me from my teacher. Using my intuition, I chant bija mantras and play a crystal singing bowl in an effort to assist you in the alignment of your chakras.  My diverse and intuitive sound helps you to center, opening your heart and mind. It is my intention to allow sound to move through me in a way that will create space and light within everyone who sits with me. Join me to bring your mind body and soul into alignment. Namaste.” – Nina Riggle