Pajama Jam III - Saturday November 12, 2016

Live Music for Social Impact at the Pajama Factory from 7 to 10pm. FREE admission.

Donations benefit Hope Enterprises of Williamsport.

Bands and musicians of all ages, interests and abilities are invited to perform — to be considered for a guaranteed performance slot, please sign up online in advance.

The lineup for Pajama Jam III will be as follows: 9:15+ = Mums the Word 8:45+ = The House Band from the Resounding Cymbals Performing Arts 8:20+ = Mick Johns 8pm = Chloe Taylor Anytime before 8pm = open mic

We’ll be there setting up from 1pm on…so, feel free to come jam with all your pals!

For more information or to let us know you’re coming check out our Facebook Event page.