The mild winter has been a blessing to the Pajama Factory this year, keeping the shovels at bay and thermostats turned down. Warmer, yet, is the atmosphere around the building, with more studios filled than ever before. Special events like First Fridays–particularly February’s ‘Art of Romance’–are getting busier, eye-catching artwork seems to be on continual rotating display throughout the hallways, and new classes are available all the time (worth checking out the offerings!).

We’re looking forward to Spring, not only for warmer temperatures and green to return, but for the newly occupied greenhouse to be opened under the direction of the Organic Gardening Center who recently opened up shop next door to Tanya’s. Owner Carl Narber plans to open an aquaponics center, combining traditional aquaculture, raising fish and other aquatic animals, with hydroponics, cultivating plants in water. We’re excited to see his offerings and look forward to stocking up on some plantings for the building courtyard.

Hope you keep checking in on Facebook to see what blooms this Spring-both in and outside the building!

– Mark and Susie Winkelman

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