“My space is one of many artist/creator spaces that have been built inside a large old factory in Williamsport, PA (the factory that made Keds sneakers back in the day). My studio is the best space I’ve ever had to work in — 400 square feet, 14-foot ceilings, large windows, open, safe, free wireless, track lighting, relatively quiet.

Like many artists, I have at least a couple pieces developing at one time, which the open layout allows me to do. Even though I tend so spend most of my time on one piece at a time until it’s finished, I do move to another block to cut, or back to my easel for a drawing or painting I’m working on, or a preliminary drawing for the next large piece. I have an adjacent storage space as well, so if I need to get pieces out the of the way, I can easily move them. The pieces leaning against the wall are usually ones I need handy for shipment for an upcoming exhibition.”

~ John McKaig, Williamsport, PA (site)

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