Located within the revitalized historic Pajama Factory complex, 1307 Park Ave., Factory Works Gallery is a space for artists to experiment materially and conceptually, and for the community to engage with work that challenges notions of what art looks like.

Founded in 2011, Factory Works is a nonprofit arts and community organization whose mission is to provide the local community with resources for nurturing artists and innovative thinkers, to ignite a spirit of creativity.

That’s where Factory Works Gallery director Brian Spies comes in.

Spies has been involved with the Pajama Factory since 2008. He was one of the first tenants after owner Mark Winkleman bought the building outright.

“Our goals are to provide the tools, space and supportive environment for members of the local community to engage in healthy activities that lead to positive personal and professional growth,” Spies said. “We offer educational opportunities and shop access to a variety of disciplines through classes, workshops, memberships and special cultural events.”

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