With Winter, the coming of Spring can’t be too far behin


With the snow of the past few weeks winter has arrived in full force. But inspired by the Pajama Factory slogan – ‘Dream it. See it. Do it’ – we dream of sunny days and warmer weather in the not too distant future.

Our slogan inspires optimism, creativity, and possibilities in us all. At the Pajama Factory we see all of these in action in the many start-ups and small businesses that come here to get on their feet. As we celebrate our 100th tenant we would like to dedicate this newsletter to small businesses, new businesses, and those willing to travel from afar to be a part of our community, our dream. After all, these businesses not only ‘dreamed it’, but are working everyday to ‘do it’ as well.

On our front, we are continuing to ‘do’ what we can to grow the Pajama Factory community and, as always, thank all of you for your ongoing interest in, and support of, these efforts.

– Mark and Susie Winkelman

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