Planting our feet in two communities is so enjoyable as we get to experience the flavor of two very different cultures. But one thing in Williamsport that can’t be beat is America’s favorite game, with fun activities between innings, ballpark food and drink, and fireworks all for under $10! We’ve taken some out-of-town guests to see the Crosscutters (the local Class A Minor League baseball team) on several occasions and they all loved it.

In fact, you can see the fireworks from the Historic Bowman Field from the roof of our building. When our rooftop restaurant/bar opens, it’ll be perfect for this!

Other fun summer activities we love are trips to the streams and swimming holes as well as the local hiking and biking trails. We welcome visitors anytime for a ball game, a refreshing dip, or just to see what’s new! If you’re unable to swing through this summer, keep an eye to our non-profit Center for Creativity fundraiser in late September (see details below). Hope to see you sometime this summer!

– Mark and Susie Winkelman

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