So far it’s been a hot, humid and wet summer and we hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool.

Nevertheless we’ve been busy with construction and the long-awaited completion of an additional 28 new studio/office/work spaces in building 7. Twenty-one of the studios are pre-rented to existing small businesses, new startup businesses, as personal hobby and art studios, and one large loft residence. The new tenants will be joining nearly 60 current tenants including Equinox, an outdoor gear manufacturing company; Boulder Design Group, a software design company; becker.s photography, a professional photography studio; Eric’s Edibles, specializing in handcrafted pickles, peppers, and canned vegetables; and Tanya’s, a large bridal and formal wear store.

The Pajama Factory continues to grow and attract companies and jobs to Williamsport. Presently, there are about 100 people who work at the factory and the buildings are only about 25% occupied. The new studios will add 30 to 40 more jobs and bring occupancy to about 33%.

In preparation for the opening of the studios, we brought in 2000 amps/3-phase underground power service (quite an undertaking!) and are working at restoring the metal framed windows to minimize heat loss in the winter. We’ve also had some nice additions to the courtyard – Eric (of Eric’s Edibles) and many of our other tenants have replanted the garden and we’ve added some dining tables and chairs which come in handy for the impromptu grill nights with tenants. We are also building some colorful Adirondack chairs (right in our own community wood working shop) that will provide a place to laze away a not-to-hot afternoon.

– Mark and Susie Winkelman

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