It has been a cold and snowy winter but the ice, snow, and frigid temperatures didn’t stop us from moving forward on many fronts at the Pajama Factory. We continued to add new studios, new tenants have moved in, and there is more and more ‘creative energy’ in the hallways and corridors.

As the existing studios have filled up, a waiting list is growing as new prospects look to join the incredible community that we have begun to form. Artists, entrepreneurs and students have brought a rich mixture of talent to the building and many have collaborated on projects, bounced around ideas with each other and even shared a cup of coffee or occasional beer.

Check out some our recent developments below: the new building improvements, the summer Artist-in-Residence program at the building and the huge success from our “Art of Romance” event in February which brought hundreds of visitors to the building.

As always, we hope that you spread the word of the Pajama Factory to your friends and family, to fellow artists, and to people you know who have big dreams. We welcome them here.

– Mark and Susie Winkelman

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