Walking through the courtyard the other day, I noticed new growth, greenery, and flowers popping up. Signs of Spring (at last)! It has felt like a very long winter, but like the flowers in the courtyard, we are seeing signs of more activity around the factory, too. Some are visitors just curious about what’s going on here; some are new tenants, recent additions to our community; and other folks stopping by are actively looking at ways to get involved. Our waiting list for studio spaces continues to grow – if you know anyone who is interested have them email the Pajama Diva about their needs.

The collective excitement of all that is going on these days is infectious, which is why we keep growing! We invite each and every one of you to stop by this summer, if you haven’t already, to explore, engage, relax, or stimulate your senses as you roam the halls and meet our tenants

– Mark and Susie Winkelman

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