Factory Works

The Pajama Factory is a proud sponsor of Factory Works—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization housed within our complex. Factory Works was founded in 2011 as the Center for Creativity by Pajama Factory owners, Mark & Susie Winkelman, in an effort to support the development and maintenance of a collaborative and educational environment for artists, artisans, and small businesses. Rebranded in 2014 as Factory Works, the organization has since built, and now maintains, a well-equipped wood shop, clay studio, darkroom, and bicycle shop. Factory Works has also established a gallery and sponsors an annual artist-in-residence program every summer.


To provide the Williamsport community with resources for nurturing artists and innovative thinkers to ignite a spirit of creativity that enriches our entire community.


Factory Works is a creative incubator that attracts and supports emerging and established artists, entrepreneurs, craftspeople, community groups, and businesses; drawing from near and far in an effort to revitalize the area.

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