Tara Gitter

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Tara Gitter, the new local Field Organizer for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign. She’s new to the area, so when she asked around for the best place to get to know the people in our area, she was sent right to Way Cool Beans at the Pajama Factory!

If you’re a Democrat and want to help ensure that all of the local Democratic candidates get all the support they deserve, come down to Way Cool Beans this Thursday at 5:30 PM to meet Tara and help her get to know the people of our area.

Of course, you don’t have to be a Democrat to get involved. She’s also working to help people from every party get properly registered to vote in what’s going to be the most interesting election in quite some time.

She’ll be around quite a bit between now and November, so when you see her, say hello!