David DeFebo is a consultant for Advanced BioTechnologies, LLC (ABT). ABT designed and now manufactures the first solid state controlled Tesla coil subtle energy revitalization platform. This technology is like a wireless charging station for you body, and it works with animals too! David wears several hats on the team. He heads up the support team, is the head recipe chef (recipes is the term used for frequency programs that run on the BioCharger NG), and he is part of the research and development team. The BioCharger Lab is part of studio 7-240 where David conducts research and develops recipes for the BioCharger NG.

The BioCharger Lab will be open during Pajama Factory public events. You can learn more about the BioCharger NG at www.biocharger.com.

In addition, appointments are available to receive sessions, which typically last 8-15 minutes. To schedule an appointment please call 570-478-1155 or 570-327-0103 or drop an email to david.defebo@biocharger.com.

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