Jacqueline Hohl offers one on one training to promote individuals to empower themselves by living a healthier lifestyle. Jacqueline is a registered yoga teacher, and a certified Exercise Physiologist through American College of Sports Medicine, and is currently earning her MS in Yoga Therapy at the University of Maryland of Integrated Health. Jacqueline views individuals in a holistic approach to healing which recognizes that the body, mind, and spirit are connected as one whole and incorporates all five dimensions — body, mind, breath, wisdom, and joy to promote well-being. By observing and exploring the relationships between mind, body and spirit we can understand the root cause of pain, disease and dysfunction. She will design a personal practice for you that helps support your well-being and promote healing of issues such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, breathing problems and other challenges to living your life fully. Book your session today!

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