David DeFebo operates Schweitzer Formula, LLC from studio 7-240, where order fulfillment takes place. Schweitzer Formula is available for purchase at the studio as well. You can learn more about Schweitzer Formula or place an order at www.schweitzerformula.com. | Schweitzer Formula is a proprietary crystalline form of zinc/boron/salicylate suspended in distilled water with a wide range of topical and internal uses. Invented in 1915 at the Georg- Speyer House Institute in Frankfurt, Germany, this cutting edge formula was first marketed and sold in 1920 and has since been used extensively throughout the world. Today, we offer the original, time-tested Schweitzer Formula in bottled form with all its multi-purpose uses and benefits. Once you try it, you won’t be without it. Schweitzer Formula can be used both internally and externally and is effective for the following uses as well as many, many more: rashes, scars, pH balancing, hives, athlete’s foot, sunburn, acne, cold symptoms, blisters, poison ivy relief, nasal problems, yeast overgrowth, insect bites, digestive disorders, sore throat, nail fungus, gum problems, hemorrhoids, eczema, ear problems, skin eruptions, psoriasis, oral care, varicose veins, and bruises.

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