“Life is your Peace of Art” | David DeFebo and Mary Woods offer holistic health products and services in their studio 7-240. David is a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner (CHHP, ND), who manufactures Schweitzer Formula, a crystalline healing solution, which he sells in various sizes, along with a few other essential health supplements. His BioCharger Lab offers sessions by appointment, providing a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform that works to optimize your health, wellness, athletic performance and overall peak performance by aligning and balancing the energy of every cell in your body. Mary is a Holistic Educator, offering personal Wellness Consultations integrating body/mind/emotions/spirit principles to explore the cause and effect relationship to your health. As a Celebration Artist, Mary creates sacred space for one-on-one and group ceremonies for celebrating life’s passages, including birthday oracle readings with a custom made booklet, Spiritual Counseling, A Course In Miracles workshops, meditation circles, and ecstatic dance. As a non-denominational Minister and Wedding Officiant, Mary helps you design your own sacred ceremony.

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