Originally called Mayfest, we rebranded this event to better represent what it is all about which is promoting and supporting green and sustainable initiatives!  As a re-purposed, industrial building, the Pajama Factory itself is a green initiative!  We currently house over 100 artists, makers, and entrepreneurs.  We believe that community IS sustainability and wanted an event to specifically celebrate THAT.

Vendors are required to complete the following application form.  All products you wish to sell must have some GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, UPCYCLING, OR REPURPOSING element to the process used to make the product and/or the product itself.

Vendor Application for Green-O-Ree

For any questions, please contact Danielle Velkoff at events@pajamafactory.net or (570) 980-1452.  Stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, @PajamaFactory!